17 Jun 2015


Thinking outside the box in the world of logistics:

As a supply chain consultant I was involved in logistics for several years and in the creation of a unique logistic solution-The Groupex Concept.


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Historically explosive manufactures carried Class 1 goods as part of “specialist transportation”, subject to the strict obligations of road transport (ADR), maritime (IMDG) and air (IATA) regulations. At the same time, intermodal transport requires the use of special containers, which, in the case of small cargoes, means paying the cost of empty spaces.

In the world of logistics, the aim of groupage is to consolidate small loads in a large container in order to reduce shipping costs. This proven concept of freight has been adopted and formalized by EPC Groupe for class 1 goods. The new groupage service, Groupex, involves transporting explosive material in a shared container while combining products in accordance with authorized compatibility groups.The optimized use of containers means significant transportation cost savings. The Groupex solution, specifically for Class 1 products, is unique.

An additional benefit for logistics: The saving are much greater when Groupex  combines regular shipments coordinated by EPC’s Logistic teams in France and the UK. These performances are based on the capacity within EPC Groupe sites, to consolidate loads for shipment and on the support provided by experience and qualified personnel in the fields of road, maritime, and air transport. Operational since September 2013, Groupex has proved popular among the companies in the EPC Groupe and third-party customers.


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